The beginning of a new era

A digital units system with true value addition.

Taking crypto from a technological implementation to a mass utilization instrument.


A dual system that maintains stability and derives it from reality

A system that establishes the correct foundation for a mass adoption currency that is beneficial and attractive to the general public by being firmly stable and firmly stable in its appreciation in value. An Appreciative Value Stable Coin (UPVSC). Backed by real assets and controlled by tried and true financial concepts and algorithms that control its supply. Its issuance is linked and supplied by the commitment provided by the Justified Recursive Value Growth Coin (JRVGC) which is represented by Foundation Yield Bearing Object (Fybo) Coin. Not just a technological system to provide mass adoption, but a grounded in reality system with balancing mechanisms.



Phase 1


Get the Foundation Yield Bearing Object (Fybo) Coin into the public hands at the starting point. Rallying up the community. Establishing fundamental understanding of the purpose of the project and the deficiencies in the current system that presents the next level opportunity.

Liquidity pool initialized / DEX

Listing on Coinmarketcap/Coingecko

Community establishment and Social media presence

Expand LP by multiple million

Value fragmentation mechanism

Recursion loop mechanism

Supply control algorithms implementation

Mechanism testing



Phase 2


Top tier accounting firm onboarding. (preapproved)

Top tier law firm onboarding. (preapproved)

Custodial services onboarding. (preapproved)

Counter Hoarding system

Counter Stagnation system

Counter Drought system

Mechanism testing (pre-beta)

Build up

Involving reliable partners with which contracts, agreements, and negotiations have been established with to support the underlying business structure and solidify credibility and transparency. Development of the technical systems to maintain the sustainability of the system.

Phase 3


Reach final agreement with initial mega partner to implement the system in real life utilization system with which to open the door to mass adoption and recognition by the public. Issuance of the Appreciate Value Stable Coin (UPVSC) and offering it to the populace.

Acquire use case first partner (high trade volume – under way)

Full mechanism testing

Issuance of UPVSC

Pilot implementation of use case

Complete accounting firm onboarding

Complete law firm onboarding

Insurance firm onboarding


Phase 4


Establish redemption system

Institutional investors onboarding

Expansion of pre-backing

Build up community and augment SM presence

Expand use case partners (high trade volume financial institutions)

Pilot implementation of use case for newly acquired partners

Deploy first use case partner implementation

Big Breakthrough

Putting in place the corner stones and foundation for ubiquity and massive mass adoption by reaching the target of first commercial acceptance of the system to be used in day to day transactions.


Basic Initial Tokenomics

Sale of first offered issuance CJRVGC (pvFybo) will be sold at market price to raise a total of 120,000,000 of capital and is to be distributed as:
14% for project development first and 72% for foundation. Founders are to receive their distribution of 14% of tokens after sale for the purposes of development and foundation are fulfilled.

The expected time for this phase is 12 months after deployment of the first UPVSC coin. The sale at market price continues until the amount sold of pvFybo achieves the Targeted Cap.

Once it is reached and if available pvFybo is depleted, then increases in CJRVGC offered is initiated in a second batch. The sale value of pvFybo is to be sold at the market price and all funds to be distributed as previous patch percentages: 28% for project development to 72% for foundation.

As development needs subside and recursive fragmentation increases flow, less and less of capital sold will be utilized for development purposes.

Available pvFybo: 50,000,000,000

pvFybo contract address: